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Commission Communication and Publication

Dear Friends,

Nothing is very simple, but let us move forward.

Following is my proposed list of the definitive members of the Communication and Publication Commission (It is possible to have other correspondent members):

President: Alain Lecucq

Online Edition of WEPA:

English edition:

- Matthew Cohen

Correspondent members:

o Penny Francis

o John Bell

Spanish edition:

- Guillermo Murray

Creation of a website:

- Gary Friedman

International Review on the Internet:

- Nina Malikova

Research Review (Which will replace E Pur Si Muove)

- Alain Lecucq

Correspondent members:

o Ida Hledikova

o Henryk Jurkovski

All reflections will be undoubtedly shared by all members; the organization is particularly aimed to be efficient.



- General Secretary is in charge of the French Edition, it is not our responsibility.

- The Encyclopaedia is supposed to be released in France in 2009. The date is not yet given. (We hope the latest would be the festival of Charleville)

- The agreements with the publisher are clear: After the release of the French edition we can put the copies in foreign languages on the Internet.

- The authors have yielded their right to UNIMA, therefore there is no extra charge for the texts. But this does not apply to photographs. (It will do however if we decide to illustrate the website with photos without copyrights.)

- At the moment UNIMA does not have the budget to translate the present encyclopaedia which has to be served as the source of the online copies. (The decision was taken during the world Congress in Perth).

- Where shall we find the budget for the translation?

- How shall the texts be updated?

2/ Creation of a new website for UNIMA

- We are thankful to the amateur webmaster who has been in charge of the UNIMA website up to now; however it happens to be obsolete today.

- The creation of a new website will need important financial means (Gary Friedman spoke to me about the subject a while ago).

- Themaa, the French UNIMA has entirely changed its website recently (cost: 25000 €)The board of directors has accepted to offer the site to UNIMA. UNIMA will only have to pay a graphic designer for a new design.

- The important point for me is that the website will allow every country in the world to have a page on its own. Each UNIMA will have a code and will be able to upload its materials (information, announcements, articles …) in its own language and partly or fully translated depending on its possibilities. This will at last allow every UNIMA member to have access to the news.

- There are no problems for the texts and the photos. The solution found to the video problem is to upload them on another site (Dailymotion…) with a link on the UNIMA website.

3/ The Online International Review

- It will help to share the editorial richness of puppet reviews and will be accessible to a great number of people.

- The online international review on the UNIMA website will be realized under the agreement of all reviews of the world who would wish to participate and the best articles of the year will be published in three languages.

- The release frequency can be discussed. Once a year could be reasonable, but we should also consider the necessity to update the interests of the internet users.

- How shall we finance the translations?

- I suggest we invite all the responsible figures of reviews who can come to the "new" festival of Charleville to discuss the matter with them.

4/ The Research Review

- We do not have a review at the academic level devoted to research in the world (historic or contemporary).

- This review could be published in three languages (English, Spanish and French).

- Pagination: 120 pages with long articles (at least 15 pages and a 20 page photo album at the end. Format: 21 x 29,7)

- I expect a few estimates (in France and abroad) of the cost.

General Information:

- A new director has been chosen for the Les Petit Comédiens de Chiffons association which runs the world Festival of Charleville-Mézière. Anne-Françoise Cabanis used to be the director of the Giboulées de la Marionnette Festival in Strasbourg.

- She has accepted the idea to create a weblog for the festival which will help the people interested in puppets all around the world follow the events during the festival almost live.

I am looking forward to your response

Best regards

Alain Lecucq

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